Chai Villa serve Freshly Brewed Hot, Hand made & Hygienic Chai at affordable prices @your  doorstep

Y One Should choose Chai Villa's Chai?

• Every sip of our Chai & Coffee you drink with us will remind you of the taste Mumma ke Hath ki Chai!!
• Our Chai is made of Mineral Water, Rich Milk, Premium Chai Patti (Tea Leaf) with some Great Spices & natural Ingredients like   Ginger, Cardamom, Dal-chini, Lavang etc.
• By serving Chai in Kulhad, We provide your drink Desi Touch!!
• We use Sulfurless Sugar, which keeps your body away from harmful So2.

Y Our Chai is Special!!

  • Filter Water
  • Eco Friendly Cups
  • Kulhad Special Chai
  • Hot, Tasty & Healthy
  • Natural Ingredients
  • Extremely Hygienic Chai
  • Sulphurless Sugar
  • On-Time Delivery

Thought Process to start CHAI VILLA

• It was me and my wife were working in IT Industry and often professionals use to drink Chai to relax and release stress, same time one would be looking for Healthy and Tasty Chai, But what we found was really terrible, Chai made at Tapris/Thelas was un-hygenic with bad taste
• So we both thought of changing this method and providing Hot!!TASTY!!Healthy handmade Chai with very nominal tariff.  With this idea we just kick started our Journey in Orange City of India.........that is NAGPUR!! Our goal is to give tasty healthy chai on affordable price.